Vetigraph Optimum Marker

Vetigraph Optimum is a high efficiency nesting and production marker software, that will deliver considerable fabric cost savings. Using software algorithms to determine the highest fabric yields in the shortest possible time, Vetigraph Optimum is an automatic marker system offering users the opportunity to obtain considerable fabric savings.

With Vetigraph Optimum you can create fully automatic markers in minutes. The software calculates the optimal pattern placement to achieve the highest fabric usage. Easily switch between software generated Markers or Manual interaction with ease.






Vetigraph Optimum allows the user to quickly input the required size ratio for the lay plan. Setting the piece lay direction to suit various fabrics.



Vetigraph Expert is compatible with DXF-AAMA, HPGL and ISO Cutfile standards. A flexible solution, to ensure that your patterns can be quickly sent to factories across the globe. Importing and exporting patterns is a breeze through the simple interface.



Vetigraph Optimum allow you the flexibility of manual placement of pieces. The Rough marker view displays all unplaced pieces, which can be brought into the main window to be rotated, flipped and placed.





Vetigraph Optimum allows for piece modifications such as, increase, decrease, rotation, and change of grain direction.