Vetigraph Expert Marker

Vetigraph Expert meets the demands of the most discerning creative pattern cutter. With an extensive set of tools that mirror the traditional skills, and an intuitive user interface, there is no limit to your creativity.

Easily slash and spread your patterns to create exciting draped effects. Modify per pleat depth, adding notches automatically.





Perfect Seams

Utilise the wide range of seaming functions to achieve the perfect fit. Modify corner points to meet manufacturing needs. Create irregular seam widths for perfect vents and garment openings.



Vetigraph Expert is compatible with DXF-AAMA, HPGL and ISO Cutfile standards. A flexible solution, to ensure that your patterns can be quickly sent to factories across the globe. Importing and exporting patterns is a breeze through
the simple interface.



Grade with Veti Expert

Grading couldn’t be easier than with Veti Expert. a wide range of grading tools that are right at your fingertips. Grade your styles in record time, by using the powerful grade rule libraries that ensure size consistency across designs.



Whether you have a regular grade increment or one that varies throughout the size range, VetiExpert gives you the tools and the confidence to grade with ease. The user defined grading tool is the perfect solution for complex draped styles.





Production Pattern cutters will enjoy the simplified user interface. Naming pieces and performing symmetry tasks, with a single mouse click. A quick check to ensure all pieces and fabric variants are present before sending off to lay planning and costing. If only everything in life were this simple.