ScanGraph Automated Digitising Solution

Scangraph is an automated digitising solution that allows the user to simultaneously input several pattern pieces directly into VetiExpert.

A high resolution camera positioned above a flat table with a viewing area of 1m x 1.20m captures the pattern as images and then converts them to pattern outlines, capturing all internal lines, drill holes, notches etc.

With Scangraph you can capture card, paper, plastic or fabric patterns and create workable digital patterns 20 times faster than by conventional digitising methods.




Simply position the pattern pieces on the black background and activate the image capture. Digitise your patterns in record time.






The software automatically recognises the pattern contour and all internal lines. Functions allow the user to name the individual pieces, establish cut quantities, place pieces on the fold, set grain direction etc.




Show Patterns

Patterns are opened directly into VetiExpert and are ready to be graded and lay planned to determine their fabric consumption.






Dummy Grade

Save even more time by using the Dummy Grade feature to grade the entire pattern automatically, ready for Vetigraph Optimum to carry out a costing marker.