Fashion Digital Solutions Ltd offers a range of software and hardware products and services to cover the sectors involved in the manufacturing of fashion and soft furniture. With over 1200 customers worldwide, we have a very strong focus on the Fashion Industry and develop essential tools to help designers and manufacturers meet today’s creative challenges.


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Over the years, VETIGRAPH – FASHION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Ltd. has built a huge reputation and a large and loyal client base around ease of use and reliability of its products and a service tailored to customer’s requirements. Our teams offer quality on-site and on-line training to enable you to optimize your CAD/CAM, ERP and PLM solutions. Our mission is to help your business make the right decisions about design and production.


Why choose us?

With 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, we are specialist providers of solutions to optimize your design and organize your production. Our products are innovative and demand led. Our solutions are developed in response to your requirements in order to help you face new challenges.


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